Thursday, July 31, 2014

On Performance - Drew Ginn (Fri 12 Jun 2009)

Water (*) - Hvar / Hvar / Croatia (Wed 31 Jul 2013)

Drew Ginn (*) writes on Performance (*):
preparation (*), connection (*) and release (*). It seems to me the simple cycle of what we do in the boat [/and Life in general]. [..]
Drew then expands on the concept of release (*):
Release and get excited I like because no matter what happens we have the power (*) and capacity (*) to see (*) and respond (*) to our experiences (*) in a way that best serves us and those around us.
And finally::
it is fascinating to think about how our mind set (*), emotions (*) and the manifestation play out physically.

['s] what matters most and [..] learning (*) to keep it at the surface of awareness can have a huge impact on performance (*).
via What's on the RADAR (*) by Drew Ginn (*).

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