Thursday, October 16, 2014

More on Photography and Story Telling - Colin Pantall (Wed 15 Oct 2014)

Just Because I Really Love You (c) - Bologna (Fri 29 Aug 2014)

Colin Pantall (*) writes on Story Telling (*) and Photography (*) through the 2014 Booker Prize (*) awarded to Richard Flanagan (*) who:
worked for 12 years to tell this story. He told it as a love story because he says that while war stories dark about death, war also illuminates love (*) which is the greatest expression of hope (*). It's what we live (*) for.

And because it's what we live for, it's what we want to read about. Flanagan has every reason to be self-indulgent and wallow in his father's misery, but it seems like he's translating the story for readership. He's reaching out, he's editing (*), he's adapting (*), he's simplifying (*), he's making it a story that has been written for the reader. It's written on the reader's terms.
Colin questions and challenges Photographers (*)
I think an interesting question here is how often do photographers do this?; go out to the reader and sacrifice their self-indulgence to tell the story well? How often do they do this, how often don't they do this?
via Whatever Evil is, it wasn't in that Room (*) by Colin Pantall (*).

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