Sunday, October 5, 2014

On Vivian Maier - Naomi Cass / Andrew Stephens (Sat 04 Oct 2014)

Street Portrait - Valletta / Malta (Sun 21 Sep 2014)

Andrew Stephens (*) writes on Vivian Maier (*):
the almost magical appearance of Maier's work, as if it had been conjured, has not only inspired much further creativity and contemplation about the nature of photography, it has also shown how their own interests and approaches have crossed paths with Maier's.
Naomi Cass (*) expands Vivian Maier (*) Influence (*) on the Past (*), Present (*) and Identity (*):
We always need to think of a way of activating the past with respect to the present. We couldn't assume Maier to have had an influence on contemporary practice, however all the artists in this exhibition are acutely aware of not just her work but the complexity of her identity.
via Maier's portraits are an unexpected gift (*) by Andrew Stephens (*).

A great article and probably the most interesting I have read on Vivian Maier (*). Her work has become well known and her influence is expanding into interesting and diverse areas of the art world.

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