Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On Photobooks and Inspiration - Eric Kim (Tue 07 Oct 2014)

East London Swimmers (*) / Madeleine Waller (*) - The Photographers Gallery (*) (Sun 13 Sep 2014)

Eric Kim (*) on Photobooks (*) and Inspiration (*):
the purpose of a [photo]book is to educate and inspire you.
via On Opportunity Costs in Street Photography (*) by Eric Kim (*).

A fantastic book which I bought a few weeks before our big trip (*). So simple but so effective. It inspired us to go (*). Found a beautiful wildflower meadow (*) on the way. Surprising where a Photobook will take you, if you let it.

Geoff by Jo - London Fields Lido (*) / Hackney (Sat 12 Sep 2014)

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