Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Archive: A Legacy for the Future - Shooting Wide Open (Tue 21 Oct 2014)

Street Art (*) - Chippendale (Tue 15 Apr 2014)

Jin (*) writes on the Archive (*):
It comforts me a bit that even if nobody pays attention to my work [..] during my lifetime, there might be a place for it in an archive. It is a humble end, but I find the prospect of being stored for future sifting by researchers or scholars immensely appealing.
via On archives (*) by Shooting Wide Open (*).

I suppose this blog (*) will be my archive, my legacy, if there was to be a legacy, along with a beautiful old house (*), just maybe. And of course there is (*) - elj-daily (*) and GUERL (*). Amazing looking back at all of this just now. I've forgotten so much. What I do remember is how exciting it was to be connecting to people from all over the world. These were the early days of the World Wide Web and somehow I was part of it.

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