Monday, October 20, 2014

On Subtitles - Salamander / Annabel Ross (Mon 20 Oct 2014)

18 - Brussels (*) / Belgium (*) (Fri 11 Sep 2009)

Annabel Ross (*) writes on Subtitles (*):
Watching drama with subtitles shifts the perspective to take in more than can be fully understood. Once into the rhythm of this complex narrative, the sensation is truly that of entering another world.
via The Guide (*) by Annabel Ross (*).

The only TV Drama I seem to watch now is subtitled and mostly from a DVD. Recent favourites include The Bridge (*), The Tunnel (*), Borgen (*), The Killing (*) and now Salamander (*). I think it is partly because of the drama, but it is also because of the subtitles as Annabel so nice describes. Seeing the words helps me remember more than I would if I just hear it.

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