Monday, October 27, 2014

On Self-Published Photobooks - Julia Borissova / Joerg Colberg (Fri 19 Apr 2013)

Julia - Avenue de Flandre / Paris (Mon 15 Sep 2014)

Joerg Colberg (*) writes on Photobooks (*) and Self-publishing (*):
Self-published in a small edition, Borissova’s (*) book (*) reached me from Russia. Here then is one of the beauties of today’s photobook boom, which to a large extent is fueled by the internet and its way of allowing for connections to be made: Stories from far away can be told and brought to one’s door step, without requiring the need of a major publisher. All it takes is an artist willing and able to make a book, and to allow for that little piece of art to sail off into the world - a piece of art not part of the electronically floating world, but a real thing, to be held and enjoyed.
via Review: The Farther Shore by Julia Borissova (*) by Joerg Colberg (*).

Thank you and all the best Julia (*).

Also a big thank you to Joerg (*) for providing a place [The Independent Photo Book (*)] for photographers to promote their books (*).
Julia - just a few metres away from the original above - Avenue de Flandre / Paris (Mon 15 Sep 2014)

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